Friday, June 13, 2008

3G iPhone Finally

On Monday, June 9th, the new 3G iPhone was released quoted "Twice As Fast, Half the price"  Now on to some of the newer things about it... Well:

1. Finally the iPhone is on the 3G network with speeds that will supposedly surpass other phones.

2. GPS mapping: Now you should never be lost with built in GPS

3. The new Microsoft Exchange Server Mobile Me which will now replace .mac

4. The app store will finally be up and running when this phone is finally released.

5. New Scientific Calculator for all of those people who cant live without doing square roots on their phones.

6. Price drop: 8gb now 199.00 & 16gb now 299.00, with those prices I'm sure we will see a lot more late additions to the iPhone population

7. Now available in black & white but only in the 16gb model standard color is black

8. Still no multi-media messaging, and most disappointingly still no video camera.

Well that is about it...What do you think about the update?

 I guess we will have to wait until July 11 to see responses, but remember:

1. You cannot pre-order online

2. Must be activated in the store