Friday, June 13, 2008

3G iPhone Finally

On Monday, June 9th, the new 3G iPhone was released quoted "Twice As Fast, Half the price"  Now on to some of the newer things about it... Well:

1. Finally the iPhone is on the 3G network with speeds that will supposedly surpass other phones.

2. GPS mapping: Now you should never be lost with built in GPS

3. The new Microsoft Exchange Server Mobile Me which will now replace .mac

4. The app store will finally be up and running when this phone is finally released.

5. New Scientific Calculator for all of those people who cant live without doing square roots on their phones.

6. Price drop: 8gb now 199.00 & 16gb now 299.00, with those prices I'm sure we will see a lot more late additions to the iPhone population

7. Now available in black & white but only in the 16gb model standard color is black

8. Still no multi-media messaging, and most disappointingly still no video camera.

Well that is about it...What do you think about the update?

 I guess we will have to wait until July 11 to see responses, but remember:

1. You cannot pre-order online

2. Must be activated in the store

Friday, February 8, 2008

Notable Mp3 Players of the Moment

If you love music like I do you probably have accumulated a big collection that takes up a little more space than the iPod nano. I've decided to put together a little summary of a few mp3 players that seem to be pretty notable and space worthy.

Of course i'll start off with the 160gb iPod Classic and unless you've been living under a rock, I am sure that you've seen or heard about it.

Well the new iPod codenamed "Classic" is pretty much the same as the previous generation iPod Video except with a sort of new interface and a bigger hard drive. I'll give it props because is it a bit smaller, but with a 160gb hard drive on board I wouldn't exactly call it thin. There is no ground breaking newness included. The audio quality is the same, although cover flow was added which by the way is a pretty nice feature. The battery life was increased but of course that is the same with any new iPod. My only real gripe with it is that it is not compatible with many of the iPod video accessories and previous models. This bad boy will run you around $349

Next there is the iPod Touch 16/32gb versions. I personally own one of these and fell in love with it until it recently took a nasty spill and the beautiful screen cracked all over the place although it does still work.

This thing is pratically an iPhone with the phone feature. Safari is built in, which believe me is very useful in my college classes to quickly look up information when I don't feel like taking out my laptop. I love that I can quickly access iTunes from this little thing and buy a song if I wanted it 
at that moment.  The YouTube function is also pretty nice but at times can be a little slow but 
that it only due to wi-fi.  Maybe it's just me but, the contacts feature is pretty pointless, along with the calender.  
For one you cant edit the calender without the newer firmware that allows you to do so.  But 
as far as the contacts function mostly everyone with an iPod touch also has a cell phone so why 
would I waste my time putting numbers in my Touch that I can't use because the thing is not 
a phone.  Enough with my personal vendettas with this wonderful device.  The coverflow on this 
is a lot more useful than on the new ipod classic.  Deep pockets only though, this will cost you a pretty penny at 399 for 16gb/449 for 32gb.


Thursday, February 7, 2008

More Songs, Funny T-Shirts

Well, who likes funny T-Shirts? I Do! These are some of my favorite T's and some sites you can get them from...

Google Myself


Junk In The Box






Now on to some songs that I am feeling right now:

Erykah Badu - Honey (Remix)

The Dream- Falsetto

Alicia Keys - Like You'll Never See Me Again

Ashley Tisdale - He Said, She Said

Cherish ft. Yung Joc - Killa
Luci Love Out...ENJOY!!!

Leave Britney Alone

Remember when Britney Spears was the sweet and innocent pop star, who every young girl wanted to be, and the press awwed when they saw her?

Why in the world can't the press just leave the girl alone? They wonder why she is going insane...but wouldn't you go insane if you divorced your husband, lost custody of your children, had constant battles with your mother, had a sixteen year old sister pregnant, etc...Meanwhile the cameras are in your face for every second of your life fall apart! I mean personally I'm tired off trying to look at some real news and see that Britney Spears is the top headline on CNN. So please can we get something new to talk about until Ms. Spears gets herself better? Or if you'd rather watch a video then listen to me here you go:

In the words of Chris Crocker, LEAVE BRITNEY ALONE!!!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

I Love Lucy, No Really I Do

O my god, I was watching I Love Lucy earlier and I forgot just how funny it was. Lucille Ball was definitly a genius of her time. If you dont believe me, take a look at the clip.

A Couple Favorites

I decided to upload a couple of songs that I stumbled across today. I haven't heard these in so long.

112 - Peaches & Cream

Beyonce - Me, Myself & I

R. Kelly - I Wish